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Innovative Patent Design│Flat Pack│No DIY

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Patent product

Save space and ocean freight fee

Innovative design


Foldable Magazine File

We have observed the magazine files for long term; we found out that there was more the design of one piece magazine rack, but this kind of design is inconvenient to storage.
Besides, the big size cost high freight fee. Therefore, we designed this foldable magazine file.
It’s easy to storage, and it can also save the ocean freight fee, truck fee, warehouse renting, and retail price (it's smaller so you can put more pcs in store).
Although DIY design can reduce the size to decrease the freight fee, the office culture doesn’t like DIY products.
So we design the unique magazine rack, you don’t need to DIY; you can set up in a second.

Item:Double Magazine File
◆Color:blue, red, green, purple, yellow, gray, black, clear, all of the colors are matte clear
Inner carton16pcs
master carton32pcs

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US Patent

TAIWAN Patent CHINA Patent






inner carton

outer carton




Feedback from Israel, Elgan:


Quality : top quality 


Colors : great


Products Finish : very good


Also, the products very commutable to use, the products open easily.


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